Yellowberry Berry Socks
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YEP, WE MADE SOCKS. We ironically named them the Barefoot Sock because they fit your feet so perfectly you'll think you actually are barefoot. Plus, we're bringing back the pom pom since no one like the heel to slip down... It's literally the worst. But not anymore!

Size S/M is up to womens shoe size 6 and L/XL is shoe size 7-11.

Available in 3 colors: Coconut (white/yellow), Coral Reef (coral/pink) and Moonbeam (navy/mint).

Yellowberry socks are made with XT2TM, the latest performance innovation from Noble Biomaterials. This natural antimicrobial technology uses silver to provide odor protection for the life of a product. XT2TM gives you performance when you need it most—all day, every day. The unique silver technology keeps you feeling fresh throughout your day, allowing you to perform free of distractions.

XT2TM incorporates pure silver in a synthetic fiber during the co-extrusion process, providing permanent anti-odor protection. Not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just silver. XT2TM is not a finish or treatment; therefore the silver will not wash out or wear off and lasts the life of the product.

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Yellowberry Berry Socks

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